“Opinion: Both men and women can be perpetrators of domestic violence”

Gender neutral domestic violence awareness :

“Opinion: Both men and women can be perpetrators of domestic violence”


“The Oppressor/Oppressed Dichotomy in Gender and Beyond”

“BECAUSE IT’S 2015 : Non-feminist thoughts on gender and men’s issues”

“The oppressor/oppressed gender dichotomy (OOGD) is a common view of gender held by many feminists. This perspective sees men as an oppressor class and women as an oppressed class, and looks at gender issues and gender relations in terms of class warfare and class oppression—essentially a “battle of the sexes” with “men keeping women down”. This page takes a look at the oppressor/oppressed gender dichotomy itself, as well as how oppressor/oppressed has been applied to other areas: economic class (in Marxism), and other demographic traits like race (in social justice).” :

“The Oppressor/Oppressed Dichotomy in Gender and Beyond”