“Milo Yiannopoulos is considering a ‘Mattress Girl’ outfit for Columbia talk”

Mattress girl is a serial harrasser, enabled by the university itself so I hope Milo does this :

“Nothing is for certain, but it is an idea I’ve been considering. I’ve already done a speech in full drag, and the Mattress Girl outfit would just be slightly more garish, right? Regardless of whether or not I dress like her, I feel a special kinship with Mattress Girl. How often do you run into another person that has texted a foreigner: “Fuck me in the butt”?”

“Milo Yiannopoulos is considering a ‘Mattress Girl’ outfit for Columbia talk”


Not an entirely bad article but they call the MRM and feminism mirror images when in fact it is the parody “meninism” which is the mirror image of feminism. They also misquote Paul Elam and try somehow to connect Elliot Rodger to the MRM, as so often seen in hit pieces.

“‘Blacks were forced by slavery into society’s most hazardous jobs, men are forced by a socialisation into society’s most hazardous jobs… When slaves gave up their seats for whites we called it subservience, when women give up their seats for women, we call it politeness.’” – Warren Farrell

“According to recent UK figures, women are now 35 per cent more likely to go to university than men. And white working-class boys are the least likely of any other demographic to attend, at just 8.9 per cent”