“News Flash: Feminists Hate Men”

“Sunday, I took notice of a controversy at Columbia University, where feminists tore down posters announcing a scheduled Nov. 1 speech by Christina Hoff Sommers. In researching this incident, I discovered that Columbia senior Roya Hegdahl had incited hatred against Dr. Sommers by labeling her a “rape culture denier.”

“News Flash: Feminists Hate Men”

One thought on ““News Flash: Feminists Hate Men”

  1. Columbia University had long been the hothouse for totalitarianism. It is the university that has led and designed the dumbing-down of American education. What this ivory tower bastion of control-freakness needs is a full dose of Milo and a screening of The Red Pill movie (call it “The Fact Dialogues” and make it MANDATORY for all trendy indoctrinated intolerant Columbia spoiled brats.)

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