“Mt. Seymour Ladies Night returns with $10 lift tickets for 2017”

No no, not discrimination cuz patriarchy :

“The Ladies Night, also known as Shred For The Cause, is being run in support of the local Bloom Group charity, which will receive $5 for every ladies’ lift ticket sold.

Meanwhile, men are still welcome to ski and snowboard at Mt. Seymour, although their tickets will cost $33. They are encouraged to make a donation also.”

And the charity the money goes to is for discriminatory gender exclusive (women) services :

“Since 1961, The Bloom Group has led many of our community’s most progressive social services to reduce homelessness, provide end-of-life care for individuals with mental health challenges and addictions, ensure women-led families in crisis can stay together as they rebuild their lives, and much more. Our ‘low-barrier’ services are inclusive and available to all individuals in need, regardless of their circumstances, and without conditions. Our broad and positive impact is a reflection of our staff’s hard work and dedication.”

“Mt. Seymour Ladies Night returns with $10 lift tickets for 2017”


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