“Buzzfeed wants men to close their legs (Manspreading)”

“I found this video/concept way too ridiculous not to talk about it. I realise it’s been talked about loads but I’ve only just found out about it. It makes sense for men to sit this way, they have balls and wide hips which make it less comfortable to close them. It’s also not only men that sit like this so why are we demonizing men for their choice of sitting position? It’s not obnoxious to simply sit with your legs apart which is what Manspreading is. What is obnoxious is taking up three seats with your shopping bags or lying down on the seats but these are gendered issues, why do we act as if only men are capable of being rude in this way?
It seems like Buzzfeed try and create issues where there are none.. It’s ridiculous but at least we can laugh!

Like all ideas, even seemingly ridiculous ones like this should be considered and then critisized appropiately.. What do you think?”

Zoe Does Life :



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