“Son, let me tell you all about how dadsplaining works”

Teaching your children is something to be guilty about :

“Son, let me tell you all about how dadsplaining works”

“That right there was a textbook bit of mansplaining. The word was coined only seven years ago, but the phenomenon has been occurring since cavemen learnt to grunt at cavewomen about the right way to season a woolly mammoth steak. Men often get away with it by virtue of having a louder voice. Well, that and a sense of entitlement bred by centuries of patriarchy.”

“Once you spot it, you won’t be able to stop. See that harassed father on the school run, trying to summarise the Mars probe news he just read over breakfast? Dadsplaining. That divorced father in the cinema, whiling away the wait for Doctor Strange to start by recounting a detailed history of Marvel comics? Dadsplaining. See that earnest father in Pizza Express, giving an overlong account of why the Venice in Peril fund needs 25 cents from the sale of each Veneziana pizza? Dadsplaining.”


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