“How students of color confront impostor syndrome | Dena Simmons”

This “imposter syndrome” affects black people, because there is a legacy of generational marginalization in the US, but it is more accurate to say that it affects the poor.

Ironically, she questions the value of “diversity” because it is “tokenism”. She also doesn’t even notice that of all the shock stats she states are half-truths and misleading, and are a consequence of GENDER (male), not race. More identity politics, victimhood and race baiting from TED.

The comments and ratings give me hope… :

“As a black woman from a tough part of the Bronx who grew up to attain all the markers of academic prestige, Dena Simmons knows that for students of color, success in school sometimes comes at the cost of living authentically. Now an educator herself, Simmons discusses how we might create a classroom that makes all students feel proud of who they are. “Every child deserves an education that guarantees the safety to learn in the comfort of one’s own skin,” she says.”



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