“Kathleen Wynne’s $41-million plan to combat misogyny”

This headline should read :

“Considering what $41 million in government money buys in Ontario, the province’s new three-year initiative “It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment,” launched Friday, appears the bargain of the century. Fast-tracked last December when Jian Ghomeshi was dominating headlines and #beenrapedneverreported was trending, the ambitious plan recognizes that addressing sexualized violence requires a multi-faceted approach: a gritty multimedia public-awareness campaign to encourage bystander involvement; beefed-up legislation to create safer workplaces and campuses; training for front-line workers who deal with assault and harassment, including helping those in the hospitality industry recognize high-risk situations; improvements to the judicial system; improved funding for sexual assault centres and education.”

“Kathleen Wynne’s $41-million plan to spread misandry”


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