“How to Overcome Unconscious Bias”

Cuz we all know that all white people are racist and being defensive about not being racist is further proof of racism :

“This potential conflict between attitudes and motivations on behavior is not reserved for puppies and spiders. There are social domains where attitudes and motivations point in competing directions. Race is a clear example. On average, white people associate black people with negativity. These anti-black attitudes can exist in both consciously controlled explicit attitudes or in less consciously controlled implicit attitudes. At the same time, many white people also value appearing and being racially unprejudiced. For instance, data from a 2015 volunteer sample found that while 80 percent of white people had an easier time pairing black than white faces with negative words, 73 percent also agreed with statements such as “I am personally motivated by my beliefs to be non-prejudiced.””

“How to Overcome Unconscious Bias”

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