“SJWS vs Free Speech (Why we care)”

My thoughts exactly :

Zoe Does Life :

“(READ ME) This attitude towards free speech, censorship and different opinions exists on ALL areas of the political spectrum. Typically the use of ‘SJW’ is used for members of the ‘regressive left’ which I believe has a part to play in the right gaining so much traction in the US & the UK. However I can see people displaying these behaviours all over the shop. People seem to be closing themselves off from other opinions and labelling others as ‘sexists’ or ‘bigots’ for having different views even these words are clearly misdirected. Having different opinions on social issues doesn’t need to be a bad thing and it should be something that we are all able to confront and talk about instead of de-platforming and censoring those who disagree with us.
It’s important to say I consider myself center left on the political spectrum but you’re welcome here whatever your political leanings. K, thanks :)”

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