“Trudeau promises to house trans inmates based on gender identity”

If women and men are supposed to be sentenced and punished equally, why is there a distinct difference between men’s and women’s prisons? Anyone who is convicted of a crime in Canada would be crazy to identify as male if they have the option of going to a women’s prison instead. And going to prison is now also a great way to get a free sex change! :

“”If you’re someone who has a woman’s gender and was born with a male sex that requires you to seek out surgery to be able to live in a woman’s prison and feel safe and not be at risk of sexual assault,” she said. “it’s extremely upsetting and discriminatory.”

Other elements of CSC’s policy on transgender policy:

  • CSC will pay the cost of sex reassignment surgery.
  • CSC will proceed without delay to determine the timing of the surgery, taking into account operational considerations and the offender’s release date.
  • The same health professional specialist who provided care to the offender throughout the gender transition prior to his/her incarceration will be retained, unless the offender and CSC agree to a different choice.
  • The head of the institution will ensure that staff who have regular contact with transgender offenders have the necessary knowledge to effectively respond to their needs.
  • Transgender offenders will be permitted to wear clothing appropriate to their self-identified gender.”

“Trudeau promises to house trans inmates based on gender identity”


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