“Washington march: Women’s solidarity is a mirage”

“So what about the women missing from the march – the millions who voted for Mr. Trump? Perhaps, as Michael Moore explained on MSNBC, they are victims of ingrained misogyny and sexism and don’t know any better. Or perhaps, as Michelle Cottle pointed out in Atlantic magazine, they always vote Republican and were willing to overlook the candidate’s obvious flaws in hopes that he would drain the swamp. Many of these women live in smaller cities and towns. There are more of them than you think. Some are pro-life. Most don’t care much about free birth control, or Palestine, or intersectionality, or the scarcity of female CEOs. They care about the quality of the local schools, and jobs, and whether they can afford to stay home until their kids reach school age.”

“Washington march: Women’s solidarity is a mirage”


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