“Easily-Triggered, Privileged People Have Turned Society Into Their Own Giant Safe Space”

This Huffpo article is just one more from the sea of articles that come out every day, vilifying white men. And of course, yet again, the writer fails to note that they are paying white men an inverse compliment.

 More soft bigotry of low expectations…

Cuz as we all know, white men gained all their “privilege” because they are intellectually, emotionally and physically superior to everyone else. Nothing ever bad happens to white men because they are LIVING GODS. Gods are invincible so they don’t need trigger warnings. Women, POC & non-binaries are actually retards that the white man just has to tolerate.

If these regressive feminist bigots ever realise that they are inadvertently supporting the idea that white men are better than everyone else, they will just double-down and call it internalized misogyny cuz ya can’t “punch up”.

“Are you triggered?” white men sneer from every corner of Facebook, when confronted with political outrage or even mild disagreement. “Do you need to go to your safe space?” Rhetoric about “trigger warnings,” alerts to traumatized people that a book or film or article might exacerbate PTSD, has been twisted into a snide way of mocking people, a coded insult meant to imply someone is spoiled or coddled.”

“Easily-Triggered, Privileged People Have Turned Society Into Their Own Giant Safe Space”


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