“Online sexist slur leads to suspension, ethics training for minor hockey exec”

Cuz having an opinion about a sexist protest is apparently sexist :

“Lapierre — described by the association as a tireless 30-year volunteer — wrote on Facebook: “Any of those CANADIAN women who wanted to protest the President of the USA and got turned around. Good u dumb bitches. Worry about your own Country CANADA. And your protesting what?””

“Windsor minor hockey president Dean Lapierre apologized when he made the comment on his personal Facebook page about the protest in support of women’s rights.”

Cuz criticizing feminists is apparently a criticism of women :

“But Gisele Harrison, a Windsor social worker and therapist, says that only ongoing monitoring of Dean Lapierre’s behaviour will determine whether the penalties he received Tuesday will be enough to change his conduct and views of women.”

“Minor hockey president suspended for remainder of season for ‘appalling’ misogynistic remarks”

“An Ontario minor hockey executive has apologized for a slur aimed at Canadian women who travelled to Washington, D.C., over the weekend to join a massive march against U.S. President Donald Trump.”

“Ontario minor hockey exec apologizes for online slur directed at Canadian female protesters”

Cuz women apparently have the right not to be berated :

““As a guy I’m appalled,” said one father, a former assistant coach who didn’t want to be named because he still has two children who play in the league. “Everyone has the right to get out there (in the Women’s March on Washington) without being berated.”

“‘Dumb bitches’: Head of Windsor minor hockey under fire for comment about Canadian women marchers”



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