This news blog documents the politics of the gender/religion/race war. It contains content which is critical of radical feminism, BLM, religion, and identity politics in general. Content is aggregated daily from YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Google Alerts and private submissions. Here we expose the deplorable actions of radical feminists and “social justice warriors”. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness and encourage dialog about the batshit insanity of the new regressive left. And to illustrate the emerging, scary similarities they have to their ideological opposition.

A decade or two ago, left-leaning egalitarian, liberal-minded people like myself were fighting the good fight against the right-wing; traditionalists, nationalists and the religious right. We championed secularism and agnosticism/atheism; we fought for gay rights; we fought for abortion rights; we fought against traditional gender roles; we fought against the corporate elite; we fought against nationalism and globalization at the same time. These fights are still worth fighting, but meanwhile, a seemingly innocuous new enemy appeared.

In our mainstream Western secular society, a new and unquestionable religion has emerged. This unquestionable new religion informs law and policy, and this is outright dangerous to our civil liberties. It comes from gender studies academia, where the white-male hegemonic patriarchy works in mysterious ways, and is somehow responsible for absolutely everything wrong in this world. It’s called intersectional feminist theory, and it is is now mainstream. It has weakened the left, splitting it in two; classical liberals like myself on one side; authoritarian, regressive Victorian feminists and SJW’s on the other.

In the halls of media and political power, the “progressive” left are now acting a hell of a lot like the religious-right of yesterday, enforcing lifestyle on others, where dissent can come with real-life consequences. According to intersectional feminism I am an oppressive scumbag who needs to be silenced and defeated. Even though I champion and support diversity, multiculturalism, and human rights, my opinions and feelings have been invalidated because of my race, gender and sexual identity. I’m a heterosexual/cis/white & male. Today I am no longer judged by the content of my character. My outward identity means I am born with original sin, my every attribute considered “problematic”.

I’m sick of this shit.

It’s time for some pushback :

  • When feminist/SJW’s become the corporate elite, and profit from the neo-liberalism they claim to fight, it’s cause for concern.
  • When feminist/SJW’s become nationalists by fighting “cultural appropriation”, it’s cause for concern.
  • When BLM wants to segregate black people from white people, establishing “safe spaces”, it’s cause for concern.
  • When you can be arrested for spreading your legs too wide, or using the wrong personal pronoun, it’s cause for concern.
  • When bell hooks and Hitler use the same arguments, it’s cause for concern.

I will not be checking my invisible knapsack of privilege anymore.

The content speaks for itself.

– inversionsuicide



  • I am NOT right-wing/alt-right/white supremacist/traditionalist or nationalist. I am a centre-left liberal.
  • I am a human rights advocate, and that’s it. I don’t give a fuck about your race or your genitals.
  • I am not an MRA (or a feminist), though I support many of their legal rights causes.
  • I’m pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-multicultural, pro-environmental, anti-authoritarian & anti-fascist.
  • I agree with many of the valid points made by the BLM and feminist communities. I am not entirely against feminism or BLM.
  • Criticism made of radical feminism is NOT intended as criticism of women. Women are people.
  • Criticism made of BLM is NOT intended as criticism of black people. Black people are people.
  • Criticism of radical Islam is NOT intended as criticism of muslims. Muslims are people.
  • Criticism of an ideology is just that; criticism of an ideology, not a race or a gender.
  • There are plenty of heterosexual/cis/white/male douchebags in the world. There is no doubt about that, and I would never deny it. And the same can be said of anyone else.
  • People are people.

Like my ideological opponents could agree, all human beings deserve the same voice, legal, social, economic rights and opportunities. This space should NOT be an echo chamber. Feminists, MRA’s, BLM supporters and members of the LGBTQ2 community are enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged to be here and contribute dialog! I encourage disagreement as much as I do agreement. Just be kind to one another, cuz snowflakes always melt.

“Everyone Needs to Stop Getting TRIGGERED”



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